7.2 Panel

7.2 Panel

7.2 Panel is a factory formed corrugated metal wall panel that has 36" [914 mm] coverage, with uniformly spaced major ribs at 7.2" [183 mm] o/c. 7.2 Panel offers excellent spanning and cantilever capabilities, making it an excellent choice for carports and canopies. Wall systems may be applied vertical or horizontal.


Panel Depth 1.25"  
Cover Width 36"  
Panel Coverage 36"  
Lengths 5'-0" to 50'-0"  
Gauge .032", .040" Aluminum
16oz, 20oz Copper
24ga, 26ga Galvalume
20ga, 22ga, 24ga, 26ga, 29ga Galvanized
.032" Aluminum, .040" Aluminum, 20ga Galvanized Perforated
22ga, 24ga Weathering Steel
Texture Embossed, Smooth
Finish Symphony™ Excel , Symphony™ SMP, Symphony™ Kynar
Accessories A complete line of trims available in matching colors, gauge and finish are available. Accessories such as Skylight Panels, Closures, and Fasteners are available for this product.  
Standard Shipping Flat Bed


7.2 Panel